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controller & display (offshore)

  • Intrinsically Safe System for offshore hazardous areas
  • Certified to IECEx Class 1, Zone 1 and ATEX Class 1, Zone 1 standards
  • Suitable for a wide range of crane types and capacities.
  • Automatic Gross Over-moment Protection (AGOP) / Manual Gross Over-moment Protection (GOP) facilities
  • Restricted multiple slew zone monitoring facility
  • Hook height / position monitoring facility
  • Wind speed indication facility
  • Anti-two-block (ATB) facility with open/short circuit detection feature
  • Historical data logging including overload history
  • Extensive memory capacity
  • Self-diagnostic fault-finding
  • Simplified calibration techniques

Download RCI-4100 datasheet


Rated Capacity Limiter & Crane Controller

  • A graphical color display that allows the operator to view critical operational parameters at a glance
  • Stand alone or dash mount
  • Satisfies most global Rated Capacity Limiter and control requirements in accordance with ISO 61508, functional safety of electrical electronic programmable safety-related systems
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Full PIN-code protected calibration facilities via LCD and keypad
  • 4in (10cm) or 7in (18cm) display options
  • Supervisor-settable site restrictions
  • Optional analog-resistive touch screen
  • USB 2.0 for software upload and download
  • Optional 1 USB 2.0 high speed on front
  • Optional 3 composite CCITT video input
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Daylight readable
  • Multiple limiter outputs and CAN bus controls
  • Extensive load chart memory
  • Simple calibration via integral LCD and keypad

Download RCI-8510 datasheet


multi-sensor display

  • Designed for the operator
  • Suits all crane types
  • Extensive load chart memory
  • Comprehensive fault reporting
  • Simple calibration techniques
  • Data logging
  • Plug-in cables
  • CE certification
  • Back-lit display for night operation
  • Fully tested against temperature, humidity and vibration
  • Incorporates anti-two-block
  • Multiple load sensing
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Utilizes industry-proven external sensors
  • Can monitor up to four load inputs, three angle and three potentiometer style inputs (ie length, slew etc)
  • Up to eight switch inputs and outputs can be used
  • Central processing unit has ample capacity for data storage, such as load charts, calibration and data-logging
  • Functionality can be enhanced by the incorporation of optional modules for special applications
  • The enclosures are suitable for all applications in harsh environments - IS barriers can be added for hazardous area marine applications

As the 1550 system is so flexible, please contact us for information about configurations for your specific applications.

Download RCI-1550 datasheet