Orlaco Crane camera systems

Orlaco is the specialist in crane vision systems for onshore and offshore applications, helping to increase the safety and efficiency of the crane and its operator - both on and off the job site.

All Orlaco cameras are manufactured according to recognized quality standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008, and in line with CE marking and the most recently applicable guidelines and product standards.

For detailed information on Orlaco's specialized camera solutions and monitoring options for cranes, please contact us or visit the Orlaco website.

Download Crane Vision Systems datasheet

Orlaco explosion proof (EX) cameras

Explosion protected camera systems are important in CCTV systems for safety in hazardous areas such as of tankers, oil platforms, cranes and more in the offshore and onshore industry. With the Ex cameras, Orlaco offers optimal overview to operators in situations that have an explosion risk.

The explosion proof cameras are ideal for CCTV systems, process guarding and detailed view on moving parts and the surroundings. The cameras can be combined with regular Orlaco systems and third party systems.

The cameras have been certified for installation in zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 according ATEX, IECEx and can therefore be installed in practically all regions worldwide. Orlaco has been certified as Approved Manufacturer Ex Cameras by Dekra QAR audit.

For more information, please contact us or visit the Orlaco website.